As a business with conscience we feel it's our responsibility to be as eco-friendly as possible. In EVERY aspect of this business we have taken action to reduce the environmental impact of our products. From upcycling glassware, offering credit to customers for previously purchased containers and having a reduced rate for refills - CROWN POINT CANDLES is TRULY committed to making the smallest footprint on the environment as possible.

So...Swamp Candles?

In the beginning, we were melting down all of the little bits of wax that are left over when a candle is finished burning and pouring it all into the compost. (YES! It's compostable!) Even this seemed like a bit of a waste so we tried to make 'upcycled' candles with these little bits of wax and - it worked! As different scents of wax came together into one container it reminded us of being kids and pouring all of the different flavours of pop together to make "Swamp Water"  - and THAT'S how Swamp Candles got their name!


"One day as I was washing another load of glassware by hand it occurred to me how much I was bothered by the amount of water I have to use in order to get my job done. Despite all of my efforts to reduce the amount of water used, facts are facts...I must use VERY HOT water in order to get the glassware clean. Then, as I'm 'Swamping' the leftover wax for another candle, it hits me - SELL these candles and GIVE the proceeds to a local, water-based environmental organization! All of the jars I use for the Swamp Candles are either given to me or purchased at an incredible discount and all of the wax has already been bought and paid for (Thanks Everyone!) so the only true 'cost' here is my labour which is why it was SO EASY to come to the decision to give 100% of the proceeds to the Stewards of Red Hill Valley and Stewards of Cootes Watershed clean up efforts.

They're fantastic folks and I encourage you to join them!"


Kate Moverley, Owner, Crown Point Candles



If you would like to purchase a Swamp Candle please email

They come in Small ($10) Medium ($20) Large ($30) and XLarge ($40)


100% of the purchase price is donated to this worthy cause.