The Wax


Sustainable Crop EcoSoya


Harvested from sustainable crop soybeans grown in North America, our wax is free from pesticides, herbicides and GMMs (Genetically Modified Materials).

It is NEVER tested on animals and is also vegan and kosher.

Because EcoSoya wax burns at a lower temperature, these candles burn slowly and LAST.

One cup of our wax will burn cleanly for at least 40 hours!

And when the candle is done, clean up is easy. A bit of soap and very hot water (get your gloves) will do the trick.

EcoSoya wax is completely biodegradable so any wax you need to dispose of can go straight into your compost. Amazing!!

wick care


It is very important to care for your wick.

This is easily done by wick trimming.

Gently knock off the tip of the wick with a BBQ lighter or cut it to ¼ inch and you ELIMINATE black soot completely!

Our metal free cotton wicks are 6mm as opposed to the standard 3.9mm to ensure safety for you and your family.



Burn Times


Every cup of wax burns for 40 hours.


A 2 cup candle will burn for 80 hours!

100% Sustainable Crop EcoSoya


Never Tested on Animals


Cleans up with soap and hot water



Herbicide Free


Pesticide Free

Certified Vegan




Certified Kosher